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About Us

  • What are we?

    In laymen's terms, Compute is a "programming company" - this means that we create computer programs, web sites and any other thing that you need a computer a use.
  • Who are we?

    We are a group of professional programmers with many solid years of real experience in the actually useful areas of computer programming.
  • Why are we?

    That's a bit deep, don't you think?

    Seriously though, in the past, while we worked for large programming companies; creating stuff for all types of corporations, businesses, organizations and the like, we noticed that most often the client was so confused by all the options, technologies and fancy terms thrown at them, that they usually ended up getting - and paying for a wonderful tool that does all kinds of things that they never needed.

    What they really did need, they didn't really get though.... Oh, and it also took about 4 times longer than the client anticipated - and the cost was exacerbated by the same ratio.

    So, we decided to create a company that has enough common sense and experience to understand what the client actually needs and to get that to him quickly and efficiently.

    Programming of this type is tough. The programmers world is one of inner workings; bits, bytes and other things that eat you, while the customer talks invoices, clients, and other normal real-world things. This is why so many programmers are not on the same page as their own clients.

    We at Compute, work very hard to keep our feet grounded while at the same time keep up and use the latest and most efficient programming paradigms to assure that final product will be clean quick and efficient.

  • What we do?

    We design and program (of course).
    We help you figure out what type of solution you really need, help design it and than go ahead and create it for you.
    I think that puts it down quite succinctly....

Compute Software Solutions

... just get it done ...